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If you’re hesitating, wondering, “Does she really want to hear from a reader?”… you bet I do! I love chatting with readers, and there have been plenty of times when an email from a fan saying how much they enjoyed one of my books has turned a bad day into a great day. So… don’t hesitate! I’d love to hear from you! And in case you’re wondering if the reply you receive is from me, it absolutely is. Someday I hope to employ an assistant to help with some of the admin tasks of running an author business, but responding to my readers will ALWAYS be something I do myself. My fans are too important to me to hand communications with them off to anyone else.


The best way to connect with me is through email (I check it daily during the week, though it may take me a day or two to respond):


I used to have a contact form on my website, but 97.8% of the messages I received through it were either bots or spam, and… I’d much rather spend my time reading and responding to actual emails from readers and writing than sorting through spam.



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I’m not super active on social media, but if that’s how you prefer to follow your favorite authors, I can be found from time to time on Facebook or Instagram, and I also adore Pinterest for saving story “sparks” and other inspiration:

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