The Books


Book 1


A summer in Sea Glass Cove is just what newly single mom Hope St. Cloud needs, but widower Owen McKinney may be the biggest and best surprise.


Book 2


Erin McKinney has been taught from a young age that men can’t be trusted. Can single father Gideon St. Cloud prove that he’s not like the men who hurt her?


Two Complete Novels


Grab both Sea Glass Cove books together and save!

The Community

Located on the Oregon coast, Sea Glass Cove is named for the multitude of glass fragments that wash up on the beach, tumbled by the sea and sand. The source of the glass is an old factory that made glass bottles and floats on Glass Island, just off Tidewater Point. The sea glass that gives the town its name and the mile-long, sandy beach and dunes are its top sources of tourism.


With a population of right around one thousand full-time residents, Sea Glass Cove has all the charm and friendliness you would expect of any small town. It is a haven for artists, surfers, and fisherman and boasts several art galleries and shops. It also has several restaurants that specialize—as you might expect—in delectable seafood, including the Salty Dog Chowder House. It is also home to the Stalwart Island Lighthouse, which is a favorite feature of the people who live here.


As with many small towns, school events are often the center of life, as are the quarterly solar events—the summer and winter solstices and the vernal and autumnal equinoxes; rain or shine, you’ll find bonfires lining the beach on these dates. The residents of Sea Glass Cove know that getting together and helping one another is essential to making a life in small coastal town… and they wouldn’t have it any other way.