Twice Shy

Northstar – Book 4

Burned by tragedy and betrayal, Aaron and Skye aren’t looking for love… but a dance at a mutual friend’s wedding could be the start of something wonderful.


Devastated after walking in on her husband with his mistress and with the ink still wet on her divorce, the last thing Skye Hathaway needs is to get tangled up with a handsome widower. And yet…with those sad eyes and a patient attentiveness, Aaron Hammond could be exactly what her bruised heart needs.


After his wife died in his arms, Aaron is certain he doesn’t have the heart left to love again, but he’s drawn to Skye… and so is his daughter. The little girl is determined to make a match between him and the pretty photographer, but can Aaron let go of his wife and open himself to Skye? Because she won’t compete with a ghost for his heart. She has been competing with other women for too long.

Available in ebook, paperback, and large print paperback:

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