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"This series is unequivocally the best I have read … I could absolutely not put it down until I had read them all."

~5-star Amazon review on Last Surrender

The Books

First Instinct

Book 1


Best friend. Protector. Crutch. As Beth overcomes every college student’s worst nightmare, will she add “lover” to the names she has for Nick?


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Mountain Angel

Book 2


A strong-willed woman, a heart-weary deputy, and a cozy mountain cabin. What could possibly go wrong… or right? Aelissm Davis and Pat O'Neil are about to find out.


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Summer Angel

Book 3


Can June help her old friend Ben and her adopted son Luke heal their entwined traumas and keep her new family together against a madman bent on revenge?


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Twice Shy

Book 4


Five years after his wife died in his arms, Aaron Hammond doesn’t think he’ll ever be ready to love another woman, but Skye Hathaway's arrival in Northstar will test that theory.


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Once Burned

Book 5


Henry and Lindsay have both been burned in love, and a no-strings-attached fling is the perfect balm… but what happens when the attraction refuses to fade?


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Mistletoe Kisses

Book 6


Two years ago, Ty Evans stole a kiss under the mistletoe from Shannon O'Neil. Now she's back in the valley, and he aims to show her there's a lot more between them.


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Starlight Magic

Book 7


Can the magic of the stars heal Celeste Dawson's tormented heart? Single father Brodie Dunn aims to find out by putting his heart on the line.


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Wild Angel

Book 8


Everything Luke Conner once wanted from life is slipping away. Ryan Connelly wishes she could be the miracle he needs, but her own heart is still in tatters… and he has ties to the man who broke it.


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Forgotten Angel

Book 9


Shane McGuire and Becky Epperson have a history. They might have had much more, but instead, he broke her heart. Now they’re both back in Northstar, and he’ll do everything he can to win her back.


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Last Surrender

Book 10


Heather and Jeremiah are an unlikely love match, but their broken pieces fit together so well. Can they persevere when someone with a grudge starts playing deadly games?


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About the Community

Nestled in a narrow valley in the rugged mountains of Southwest Montana, Northstar is a tiny ranching community with only a couple hundred full-time residents. It is an outdoorsman's paradise with breathtaking views in every direction, crystal-clear creeks and alpine lakes, abundant wildlife, and numerous trails for hiking, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. Northstar also has a small ski hill, natural hot springs, and a place to dig for quartz crystals. The folks who call this scenic valley home are friendly and big-hearted, and they—along with the area's heart-refreshing peace and quiet—make Northstar a perfect place for weary souls to rejuvenate.


Check out the Northstar Reading Companion to learn more about this charming community and all it has to offer.


Although Northstar is entirely fictional, it is based on and inspired by a very real place near and dear to the author's heart—Polaris, Montana. If you happen to find yourself in Southwest Montana, take a drive along the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway, and you might just find yourself cruising through Northstar.


Fun fact: the landscapes used on the covers of the books and the one below were taken in Polaris, so when you read the books, keep those landscapes in your mind… because those views are Northstar. There are some more photos of Polaris/Northstar in the Northstar Visual Companion, so be sure to check that out.