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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be more Northstar books?


Yes. This series is too much a part of me and I love it too much to discontinue it. I have ideas and outlines for several more books, but as of yet, no timeline for finishing them and no release dates. It's a wait-and-see while I work on other series for a while.


What about a sequel to The Road to Garrett? Will there be one?


I have two sequels started and ideas for a few more, but I don't know when or if I'll finish them. So, for now, the answer is "not likely" (though, of course, that may change).


Will there be any more Sea Glass Cove books?


Again, I have two more books started and ideas for up to eight books in the series, but I've discovered that sweeter romances like these don't keep my mind engaged as well as those that have more angst and grit and suspense. I'm not writing the series off yet, however. So, again, my answer for now is "not likely".


What is the reading order of the Northstar series?


There are two ways:


Chronological (most popular)

1. First Instinct

2. Mountain Angel

3. Summer Angel

4. Twice Shy

5. Once Burned

6. Mistletoe Kisses

7. Starlight Magic

8. Wild Angel

9. Forgotten Angel

10. Last Surrender


By Sub-Series (how I originally intended to write them—my personal preference)

The "Angels"

1. Mountain Angel

2. Summer Angel

3. Wild Angel

4. Forgotten Angel


The Hammond Brothers

1. First Instinct

2. Twice Shy

3. Once Burned

4. Last Surrender


The "Holidays"

1. Mistletoe Kisses

2. Starlight Magic


When will your books be available in Kindle Unlimited?


They won't be. Sorry. Amazon requires exclusivity (I can't publish the e-books through the other retailers) to enroll books in Kindle Unlimited, and half my readers prefer the other e-reading platforms. I love my readers too much to do that to them.


What is the best way to find out about your new and upcoming releases?


Hands down the best way is to join my newsletter. I send weekly (most of the time) with writing updates, exclusive drawings and giveaways, photos I've taken recently, recommended reads, and discount book alerts.