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A Second Chance at Forever Heron Point: The Forever Series - Book 1

As secrets unravel, will love endure?


High school sweethearts Jace Wyatt and Rylee Harrison figured they’d be together forever… until her brother was murdered and Jace was arrested as the prime suspect.


Seventeen years later, Jace receives an anonymous tip that could finally prove he didn’t kill his best friend, but to find out if it’s anything more than another dead end, he’ll have to return to Heron Point, the home that turned on him with only the flimsiest of evidence. And he’ll have to face Rylee, the one woman no amount of time or pain can make his heart forget. Still, the chance to clear his name is too tempting to resist.


Recently widowed and helping her teenaged daughter navigate the pitfalls of high school, Rylee has no energy to unpack what Jace’s reappearance means to her. Her head isn’t convinced he’s innocent, but her heart knows otherwise. He was her first and strongest love, and that bond may have been twisted and scarred, but it clearly isn’t broken. Jace is as he ever was—her rock.


As they uncover more and more of the past’s dark truths, Rylee’s fear grows. The identity of her brother’s murderer isn’t the only secret this chain of clues holds.

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