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Formatting Prices


$50 for novellas (under 40k words) - reg. $75

$65 for novels (40k to 100k words) - reg. $100

$75 for long novels (over 100k words) - reg. $125


Prices are for print formatting. For e-book formatting, please ask for a quote.


These are base prices for text-only works of fiction or non-fiction and include standard print elements (title page, copyright page, "Also By" page, table of contents if applicable, dedication, page numbers, author and title in opposing page headings, about the author page, acknowledgments, etc.) See "Add-ons" below for additional options.


You will receive an editable Microsoft Word file, print-ready PDF, and font file (if applicable).


Insertion of author-supplied chapter heading/scene-break artwork is included. Drop-caps (if desired) are also included.



Chapter Heading/Scene-break artwork design: + $25

Multiple in-text images: +$25

Tables & graphs: +$25



Cover Design Prices


Ebook Cover: $100

Paperback Cover: $125

Ebook and Paperback Covers: $150

3D Box Set (Ebook) Cover: $50*

*This is just for the 3D graphic and does not include the price of individual cover designs for the books within the set or the "front cover" of the box set.


Cover prices include one stock image. Additional stock images may be extra.



For questions and to order, email me at


By ordering formatting and/or cover design services, you agree to the terms of service.



Formatting Examples

Cover Examples

Series Branding Examples

Box Set Examples

Terms of Service

General Terms of Service


By hiring Suzie O'Connell, you agree to abide by the policies described herein. By requesting services, you understand and agree that:

  • You hold all necessary rights and licenses (for stock images) to the material submitted for services, that the work is your own and you can legally sell the material, that the material is in no way plagiarized.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure accuracy of information provided in your material. Suzie is not a fact-checking service and is therefore not responsible for the distribution of incorrect information, or any negative feedback as a result of the distribution of information.
  • Suzie is not responsible for any damages, losses, or costs whatsoever in the event of a lawsuit or dispute regarding your material.
  • Suzie reserves the right to refuse service for any reason, including but not limited to inappropriate content (as deemed by Suzie), or the inability to provide services within a reasonable time frame (as may occur when Suzie receives too many requests for services).


Design Copyright Information


Because covers and promotional designs are work-for-hire, you own the copyright on the final product. All Suzie asks is permission to use the final product(s) in the promotion and marketing of Suzie's author services (also called Wellman Creek Books) such as displaying the cover and formatting samples (limited to a maximum of ten pages). In the event that she is unable to meet your needs, she maintain the copyright on any designs created in the process.


Stock photos, whether purchased from stock photography companies or supplied by Suzie (or Wellman Creek Books), are licensed only, and the photographer maintains the copyright. For more information, see the licensing guidelines provided by the stock photography sites.

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